Ainslie Young, Founder of Starting With A,
Feminine Embodiment Business Coach & Mentor

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How to Crack The Magnetic Marketing Code: Get Visible & Attract Your Dream Clients Without Taking Away From Your Real Work

In this TRAINING you'll find out:

  • A SIMPLE MINDSET SHIFT that every successful womxn in business needs to adopt in order to make marketing work for them (and of course make money!)
  • THE 3 SIMPLE FEMININE MARKETING SECRETS you need if you want to create aligned, pleasurable and effective marketing strategies 
  • WHAT TO STOP DOING  IMMEDIATELY if you want to have a successful launch and to finish off 2020 strong 
  • THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT CYCLE YOU NEED TO BREAK if you want to bust through your visibility blocks and magnetise your dream clients with ease
  • And much more...


You Can’t Afford to Miss This Free Training if you feel marketing...


Is just too complicated

++ I'll help you find what feels GOOD when it comes to a successful marketing strategy (we don’t need to overcomplicate your strategy with complex sales funnels, big fancy launches or online ads)


Feels icky and ‘salesy’

++ Together let's switch icky sales tactics for simple and more personable marketing strategies to attract your desired clients


Is so darn time consuming

++ I'll show you how to spend LESS time on your marketing so you can get back to your REAL work you love and let your magnetism weave it’s magic for you 🦋

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About Your Instructor

Ainslie Young

Ainslie Young is a Feminine Embodiment Business Mentor who is passionate about partnering with female business leaders and showing them how to work smarter not harder, by combining feminine marketing strategies with their inner body wisdom so they too can create wildly pleasurable and successful businesses, on their own terms.

In 2018 Ainslie was awarded a Hong Kong Women’s Leadership in Business award and has been a Finalist in the Beautiful You International Coach of The Year category 2017-2018 and Emerging Coach of The Year category 2016-2017, plus was listed as a Young Entrepreneur To Watch in Anthill Magazine’s ‘30 Under 30 Rising Stars.’ She regularly speaks to Fortune 500 Companies about Feminine Leadership and has been featured multiple times in the Australian Press including The Sunday Telegraph and the Collective Magazine, while also writing for international platforms such as The Huffington Post and Sassy Mama.

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Working with Ainslie was definitely the BEST thing for my business growth and I’m incredibly grateful for all of Ainslie’s wisdom and support!

During the 4 months I worked with Ainslie I experienced exponential growth, both personally and professionally.

In terms of my business I became booked out with my dream clients (and I’m still booked out despite COVID-19), nearly tripled my income compared to the previous financial year and I have been offered many great speaking and mentoring opportunities that have helped increase my visibility and expand my network.

I was also able to experience far more pleasure in my business and take advantage of the freedom that being my own boss affords me...all without guilt, as I know that being in my pleasure is great for business!

- Rosann Ling, Hong Kong

Working with Ainslie was honestly amazing. Prior to mentoring with Ainslie I struggled to articulate exactly who I was as a coach. I knew I wanted to take ownership of my business but I didn’t know how.

That’s where Ainslie stepped in. Her unique combination of business strategy and feminine embodiment is truly powerful. During our time together Ainslie was able to bring me back into my body, which was crucial during the creation and expansion phases of my business. As a result I felt more alive, on purpose and joy filled as a woman and business owner.

- Mish Pope, Australia

Fun, Empowering, Transformational. That’s exactly how I’d describe my time working with Ainslie. Prior to our partnership I was looking at how to shift my business model from one that was depleting and draining to one that was smarter and more efficient.

Since working with Ainslie I have totally reevaluated how I see myself in business.

My audience has commented that my approach to marketing is now more organised and my content is more interesting and engaging. And it was great using Ainslie’s embodied launch formula to launch my Facebook Group - within a few days I had over 60 women join the group (with no paid advertising).

- Charlotte Douglas, Hong Kong

This FREE Masterclass is Limited so Act Now!

How to Crack The Magnetic Marketing Code: Get Visible & Attract Your Ideal Clients Without Taking Away From Your Real Work