Feminine Business Mastermind

THE PLEASURE CODE: The Key To Unshakeable Confidence, Magnetic Marketing & Boundless Business Success

You want to effortlessly grow your business, consistently magnetise dream clients and make the impact on the world you just know you’re here to make.

If doing business just feels hard right now (and far from pleasurable or profitable), BUT you’re committed to finding another way to welcome in more prosperity and freedom in your business…

Then The Feminine Business Mastermind is for You!


Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You absolutely love your work, you help your clients achieve incredible results (because you’re fabulous at what you do!) but you’re not exactly booked out and your cash flow isn’t consistent,

  • You work hard and you feel like you do #allthethings you’ve been taught in the many online business and marketing courses you’ve completed but the ‘5 Steps to Success’ just doesn’t seem to be working for you + your physical and mental health are suffering (pssst - you’re not alone and there is another way!).

  • You see other people in your field who express their work beautifully, their marketing seems effortless and they have no issue when it comes to being visible and shining their light, but for you, the whole marketing and sales process feels like too much work, or it’s completely overwhelming and you don’t know where to start,

  • Or maybe you’re committed to manifesting, using your crystals and doing all the energy healing you can to help you achieve the business success you desire, but things aren’t working and you’re far from where you’d hope to be in business.

There IS a more pleasurable, productive, and profitable way to be in business.

And I want to show you how!


  • Having a strategic marketing and sales plan that felt ah-mazing (rather than stressful or icky) which allows you to consistently welcome in new clients and a healthy income stream that grows month-on-month,

  • Feeling confident, clear and radiant in your expression on sales calls, on your socials, in your emails and in all your marketing and promotions, and your personal resonance does the ‘selling’ for you,

  • Not having to barter with high-maintenance clients, instead of partnering with dream clients who immediately know the value of your services and are more than happy to pay your premium prices,

  • Being crystal clear on how your multi-passionate nature and abundance of skills can set you apart from others in your field and you have a step-by-step process of creating Signature Services that sell themselves,

  • Feeling empowered and exhilerated when it comes to marketing and content creation because you’re being guided by Feminist Marketing strategies that help to uplift and empower your audience rather than reluctantly applying those icky, antagonistic marketing formulas you just don’t like,

  • Having a personalised Pleasure + Productivity framework that allows you to work smarter rather than harder on your launch campaigns, website upgrades, content creation, partnering with clients etc…..allowing you to tick off your to-do’s while honouring your energy and feeling lit up each and every day,

  • Knowing how to FEEL your way to success rather than always ‘doing, doing, doing’ because you have a number of incredibly potent Feminine Embodiment tools under your belt that you combine with your solid marketing strategies. You’re so well equipped it’s ridiculous!

Are You Saying Yes Please?

Let’s be honest.
I’m a recovering hustler.

For far too long I played into the hands of the ‘patriarchy and productivity demons,’ feeling like I had to be a slave to my business and if I wasn’t working my tail off, success and sales would allude me.

To keep a long story short, this led to burnout. Multiple times. What a surprise!

I got to a stage where I wanted to ‘shut up shop’ and forget all about business and entrepreneurship.

But I felt there had to be another way - a juicier, lighter and more enjoyable way to operate and play in business.

Insert the wonders of <Feminine Embodiment>.

In May 2018 I signed up to complete the Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification with the School of Embodied Arts and from there I also joined a high-level Feminine Leadership Mastermind.

Both were significant investments in time and money, and I’ll admit I was a tad apprehensive before signing up and committing. I wasn’t sure if ‘feminine embodiment’ would be too ‘woo’ for me and I wouldn’t fit in with the other students. I was also worried that the financial investment for both the certification and the mastermind was out of my reach and it would take ages to ‘earn that money back.’

But do you know what?

As soon as I sought out support in the form of training, a mentor, and an extraordinary mastermind, (letting go of the linear, masculine way of doing business and softening my approach), clients started flowing towards me.

By stepping up and stretching out to my edges, I’ve firmly stepped into my radiance and I feel completely safe and supported in successfully running my business MY way.

And I can tell you this is SO juicy and my work lights me up, every single day.

By changing my relationship with my business and operating from a more feminine angle I have:

  • Doubled the number of clients I have worked with and attracted them with very little work,

  • Tripled my 1:1 mentoring prices, and felt super confident about my offering,

  • Ran a sold out urban Day Retreat in Hong Kong for women in business and corporates (again, with far less work than the retreats I have run in the past…and for this event we welcomed in twice as many guests).

  • Been invited to speak about Feminine Leadership at Fortune 500 companies, public events, on podcasts and online interviews as well as being invited to enter exciting collaborations,

  • Successfully launched the Feminine Business School podcast where it entered the iTunes charts at #1 in Marketing in both Hong Kong and Singapore and #2 in Australia. This launch was fused with pleasure!

  • Experienced so much more joy and pleasure in my business and work (even though I have spent most of the year looking after my daughter full time),

  • Welcomed in help in the form of a Virtual Assistant and a Podcast Producer for my business, allowing me to focus on the parts of my business that bring me pleasure (working smarter, rather than harder!),

  • Formed deep, DEEP friendships with my own business mastermind sisters who continually push me to go deeper while experiencing massive expansion in my leadership and visibility (their support and energy is irresistible!),

  • Earned consistent income, I’m paying myself a wage, supporting my family and travelling internationally for business.

I really wish there had been a Mastermind like the Feminine Business Mastermind when I was looking for next level group support.

A Mastermind that…

Offered consistent 1:1 Private Mentoring and support (this is uncommon in most high level masterminds),

Takes a balanced, sustainable and inclusive approach to business, combining marketing strategy and Feminine Leadership, providing structure and processes you can use to create momentum and get results,

Doesn’t religiously follow the masculine marketing trends and rigid sales tactics. Instead your desires and dreams are met with understanding, support and accountability, so you get stuff done and experience success while staying true to your values,

Welcomes the whole woman - the messy parts, the dark parts, the brilliant parts and all that’s in between. 

As Seen In:

Working with Ainslie was definitely the BEST thing for my business growth and I’m incredibly grateful for all of Ainslie’s wisdom and support!

“Before working with Ainslie I was feeling so worn out and the passion I had for my business was diminishing. I knew things had to change and I wanted to find a different way!

I was working with high-maintenance clients who I always felt like I had to please. I also worked weekends and I didn’t have a social life or pursue any of my passions. My business was doing ok, but I just couldn’t see how I could scale without me completely burning out!

During the 4 months I worked with Ainslie I experienced exponential growth, both personally and professionally.

In terms of my business I became booked out with my dream clients (and I’m still booked out despite COVID-19), more than tripled my income compared to the previous financial year and I have been offered many great speaking and mentoring opportunities that have helped increase my visibility and expand my network.

I was also able to experience far more pleasure in my business and take advantage of the freedom that being my own boss affords me. For example I was able to go on multiple holidays, visit my favourite museums during my ‘working days’ and get back into my passion of painting and do more barre classes….all without guilt, as I know that being in my pleasure is great for business!


Who is The Feminine Business Mastermind For?


  • You’ve been in business for 2+ years, working with paying clients and you’re ready to upgrade into the next level of your business and radically up-level your income by consistently magnetising clients,

  • You’re a passionate serviced-based provider, especially a coach, healer or health and wellness practitioner and you’re seeking high-level support in the form of personal mentoring + coaching, business strategy, pinpointing your blocks (plus liberating them) and major up-leveling in your leadership and business success,

  • You want to experience effortless visibility so your gifts are widely seen and you have the ability to express, unapologetically from your heart,

  • You’re done being a square peg trying to fit into a round hole when it comes to marketing. Instead, you’re ready to embrace a new, more pleasurable, productive and profitable way to run your business,

  • You desire high energy and expansive support from your fellow mastermind sisters, helping to fuel your flame and elevate you to even greater heights,

  • You’re committed to going deep, doing the work and you’re willing to stretch, flow and GROW while ditching the pain and revelling in pleasure!

Sound like you? Schedule your complimentary call to chat about joining the Feminine Business Mastermind.


The Pleasure Code Program

What You’ll Learn...

++ Liberate Your Business

Free yourself from what's really holding yourself back in business so you can attract more dream clients and have a greater impact with your special gifts, without burning out or selling out.

++ Double Down on Your Dream Clients

Stop working with clients who drain your energy and don’t appreciate your work and instead magnetise those magical client partnerships that bring you joy and a sense of deep satisfaction, so you can all prosper.

++ Crafting Soulful Services that Sell

Learn how to weave together your unique combination of gifts, experiences, and abilities into potent signature offerings that light you up, allow you to charge what you’re worth and magnetises your dream clients with ease.

++ Meaningful + Magical Marketing

Learn Feminist Marketing strategies that align with your business vision, so your marketing becomes deeply meaningful and magical! Let’s get off that draining ‘content creation and promotion hamster wheel.’

++ Pleasure, Productivity & Profit

Reclaim your time so you can run your beautiful business AND enjoy the lifestyle you yearn for. You’ll experience the easy to implement formula that ensures your pleasure fuels your productivity and profit, without burning you out.

++ Unlock Your Magnetic Business

Reclaim your time so you can run your beautiful business AND enjoy the lifestyle you yearn for. You’ll experience the easy to implement formula that ensures your pleasure fuels your productivity and profit, without burning you out.

Want to receive emotional and strategic support for your business - including

1:1 Private Mentoring Support?

What’s Included in the Feminine Business Mastermind

Let a potent combination of 1:1 and Group Support Elevate Your Pleasure and Prosperity including….


We’ll commence your mastermind experience with a 60-90 minute Pleasure + Profit mentoring session with Ainslie. In this potent 1:1 session, we’ll do a deep dive into your income goals, discuss your dream Signature Offerings, and do a Magnetic Business Audit so we can craft a simple and pleasurable path to success. You’ll start the mastermind with your pleasure activated and be ready to achieve your big, audacious goals that we set together….without any struggle in sight. 


Expect Pleasure, Productivity and next level Potency on these calls. Each month (6 in total) we’ll come together to work on calibrating your body and your business for success! You can have your challenges workshopped in real time and receive professional mentoring from Ainslie and gain a wealth of insight and inspiration from the combined experience and knowledge of the group. We’ll be creating customised strategies live on the call, so you can implement your plan as soon as we jump off and keep that magical momentum flowing!


Throughout the Mastermind you’ll receive monthly Trainings (Modules Above) that will further support you in your business leadership and creating a wildly pleasurable and successful business. You’ll also learn key feminine embodiment practices and receive specialised resources so you can liberate your body from tension, allowing you to experience pure pleasure and magnetise your dream clients. 


You’ll always feel supported and on track with your very own personalised “Embodied Business  Folder” including a suite of potent resources, signature worksheets, and done-for-you templates that will make magnetising dream clients, crafting your new service offerings, writing feminist marketing copy for your business and working with your unique cycles an enlightening and joyful experience. (Let’s work smarter, not harder!).


I never want you to feel stuck or alone on this entrepreneurial journey. That’s why I offer dedicated whatsapp voice messenger  and email support during business hours. If you’re stuck on what to share on social, not sure what you should price your new offering at, you need help with a limiting belief that’s just frustrating you to death...reach out. We can quickly workshop your challenge between sessions so you can continue to flow and flourish! 


You’ll be surrounded and continually supported by ambitious, soul-led sisters who are here to serve using their unique gifts and to make their mark on the world (just like you!). As a part of the private Facebook Group I’ll be hosting Weekly Pleasure + Productivity Accountability check ins so we can track our progress, provide support, inspiration and of course celebration! Support is a key element of feminine fuel and we open ourselves up to receive the wonders of emotional and strategic support. Get ready to deepen your understanding of yourself and your work and to shed your skin and step into your next level of leadership! 

FAST ACTION BONUS - available until October 31st



As a FAST ACTION BONUS you'll receive additional 1:1 support from Ainslie which includes 3 x private 60 minute feminine business mentoring sessions. These sessions are designed for you to liberate anything that is holding you back (we’ll use our incredible feminine embodiment tools) to get you feeling aligned and ready to go. We will also tackle business strategy including launch planning, content creation, pricing, boundary setting with clients, pitching to the media...anything business or marketing related, Ainslie has you covered. You can expect to experience profound shifts as a part of these sessions and I can guarantee you’ll walk away feeling lit up and oh so juicy about your work! (This is high level, personalised support that is not available as a part of many Masterminds).



In addition to our group coaching and soul supportive Facebook group, we’ll come together for our delicious 3 hour Flow + Flourish Virtual retreat! We’ll be going even deeper on Feminine Embodiment and FeminineLeadership and how you can easily apply it all to elevate your business to the next level! 

Nathalie’s Story

"I have been self-employed for 17 years and I have had a number of different businesses during this time. When I worked with Ainslie I really wanted help to weave all of my qualifications and passions together and take my Relationship and Intimacy Coaching business to the next level.

I knew I had to be more visible and share my work through my writing, but because English isn’t my first language I was apprehensive! But with Ainslie’s guidance and coaching, I have been able to achieve so many great things I never knew were possible including:

  • Effortlessly SELLING OUT my group programs by using Ainslie's Embodied Launch Formula,
  • Becoming a feature writer for Sassy Hong Kong which helped to significantly grow my newsletter list and led to more client sessions,
  • Having paid writing gigs for other platforms sharing my expertise on relationships and intimacy
  • Being a regular expert guest on radio shows and podcasts and regularly being featured in online platforms and print newspapers including the South China Morning Post (even though I’m based in Spain now!)
  • I also regularly run SOLD OUT workshops online and in person and I’m a guest speaker on panels 

Ainslie has this amazing ability to encourage you to turn your resistance or challenge into an incredibly powerful and positive ripple effect for your business. You’ll look back on your time together and be amazed at what you have achieved!"

Nathalie Sommer - Relationship & Intimacy Coach

Having an experienced and genuine business mentor by your side and being surrounded by EPIC feminine business leaders like yourself is the perfect formula that will help you swiftly step into wild pleasure, epic productivity and elevated business profits! 

Are You Ready?

I’m Ready! APPLY NOW

Haven’t applied yet but you’re still reading? I get it!

I know investing in your business can be scary. Over the last 2 years, I have invested over $20K USD in being a part of high end masterminds. I felt my pulse race, the adrenaline fill my body as I stepped into the next level of my leadership. I wondered if I was going to ‘get a return on investment’ and make the most of the experience. And do you know what?

It has been life-changing in every sense possible! 

My business has flourished financially, my skill set has further expanded, I have incredible mastermind soul sisters in my life and I freaking LOVE my work, my clients, and the relationship I now have with my business.

By really backing myself,  I knew that I was SO worthy of high-level support and the results I desired would follow. 

And they did.


But your investment will only be mid 4 Figures!

‘Pay in Full’ Savings and payment plans available.

Still have Questions? I have the ANSWERS!

Do I get any 1:1 support in the Feminine Business Mastermind?

  • Absolutely! I know the value of having 1:1 support as a part of a Mastermind experience and that’s why I have included it for you (which isn’t available in many masterminds these days). With the FAST ACTION BONUS you’ll receive 4 x 1:1 Private Mentoring sessions with me in addition to personal laser coaching on the monthly group coaching calls….and so much more...see below!

Will get lost or left behind in this experience?

  • Not on my watch! A hesitation I hear about masterminds is that they can be perceived as overly competitive or that you may fall into comparison-itis. I have created a safe, nurturing, supportive and collaborative space where you will be lovingly held accountable to your actions and cheered on no matter what (by Ainslie and your fellow mastermind sisters).

Do you offer refunds if I don’t like the Mastermind?

  • During the 5 years I have been a coach I have never had to refund a client...many of my clients go on to work with me multiple times! I have included my best work in creating this mastermind experience for you. I have also taken elements from mastermind experiences that I have had to ensure your results are phenomenal and this mastermind space is a place you thrive in. Therefore I do not offer refunds for this mastermind - I whole-heartedly stand behind all the incredible value within this Mastermind and I will support you to achieve your business goals with the utmost pleasure.

How much access do I get to Ainslie in this Mastermind?

  • You will receive so much support including 4 x 1:1 Private Mentoring sessions (which is incredibly rare for high-level masterminds...available as a BONUS until the end of October 2020).  I will also lead all of the monthly trainings and the group coaching calls and you will have access to me in between sessions through the private Facebook Group and via email.  

Is there a payment plan for The Feminine Business Mastermind?

  • Yes! I have a 6 month payment plan for the Mastermind. The full investment for the Mastermind is mid 4 figures USD. You can learn more about the payment options by making an application.

When does the Mastermind start?

  • The mastermind experience starts whenever you are ready to step into your power and activate your business leadership...meaning we are offering rolling enrolments and you are welcome to join this sacred Feminine Business Mastermind at any time.

What are your qualifications and experience? 

  • I have an Honours degree in Psychology and a Masters of Marketing, and I’m also a certified Life Coach with the  Beautiful You Coaching Academy and I’m a certified Feminine Embodiment Coach with the School of Embodied Arts. I worked for nearly a decade in international business, marketing communications and sales and I have been self-employed for the last 5 years, (3.5 of those years I have worked 3 days a week while caring for my daughter while living in Asia). I have worked with hundreds of clients - in a 1:1 capacity as well as through workshops, retreats, group coaching offerings and online courses.  

By joining the Feminine Business Mastermind you’ll receive...

  • FAST ACTION BONUS - 3 X 1:1 60 minute mentoring calls with Ainslie and access to November's Virtual Retreat Experience (valued at $2400)


If your heart is yearning for deep connection, epic collaboration, and next-level strategic support as a part of a sacred container, then the Feminine Business Mastermind is your medicine. 

This mastermind has been designed to offer you high touch 1:1 and group support + trainings in feminine leadership in business so you can elevate your business success and ensure you’re having the impact on the world that you desire.

Despite what’s going on in the world, my hope for you is that you move through 2020 with all the pleasure while welcoming in more simplicity and juicy success in your life and business. 

Let me help you experience it all!